Q: How do I connect to these streams?

A: All of the streams provided on this site are mp3 based streams, therefore you will need an mp3 compatible player such as Winamp for windows, or Itunes for Mac.  If you have one of these programs installed on your computer, you should be able to just click on one of the radio stream links and open the playlist

Q. What is Psytrance, goa trance, full on, and how does it differ from normal trance music?

A. Psychedelic trance (psytrance) is often used synonymously with the term, goa trance, causing confusion.  Like with most modern music styles, people argue over the exact date of inception, who the originators were, etc, but it is widely acknowledged that goa trance was the foundation and roots of what has now been come to be known as psytrance.Goa trance developed in the late half of the 20th century out of goa india, had tempos in the 135 to 150 bpm range, and often had ethnic influences interlocked with hard pounding electronic beats. Psychedelic, or psytrance, is simply an evolution of goa trance.  Many artists who made goa trance in the previous two decades are actively involved in the, now current, psytrance scene.  All of these styles have an emphasis on progressive sound design, when compared to standard trance music, leading to its loyal and devoted fan base. Full on is a subdivision of psytrance, which is very club friendly, often has a relentless pumping bassline, and a more percussive than melodic edge to it.




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